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KUploadPlusDemo20_AJAX 1.1


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KUpload+ has a special add-on control, called KFileUploadPlusProgressBar, which includes Ajax based ProgressBar. It displays various status information about the current upload, just like pure HTML progress bar but instead of popup window it uses an inline progress bar with the AJAX technology. KFileUploadPlusProgressBar Control takes full advantage of AJAX and the new features of Microsoft's next-generation IDE - Visual Studio .NET 2005, hence allowing developers to enjoy significant productivity gains, while delivering feature-rich, standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible web applications.

KFileUploadPlusProgressBar Control introduces many key updates to the UI, as well as streamlined AJAX interoperability with KUpload+. It empower ASP.NET developers to take the richness of desktop applications to the web and eliminate the complexities of writing advanced complex client-side code.
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
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Author: Dimples Softwares
License: Demo
Price: $19
File Size: 716.8 KB
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